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After a while, SuperCell created the clash of clans town hall 12 and made many fans eager to go to this stage.

Town hall 12 is a defense building that can defend itself well against enemies. Blue is used to paint this town hall. Also, this town hall is equipped with a Giga Tesla that can destroy enemies in a short time.

The number of walls also increases to 300 walls. At this level, you can also strengthen your lab and various resources. In town hall twelve, you can train your siege machines, spring trap, giant bomb, air bomb, and seeking air mine. These are all very important buildings so don’t forget to pay attention to them in this town hall.

At level 12 town hall, only 3 to 4 buildings will be upgraded to 2 levels. You have good equipment in this town hall and you can increase the number of your attacks with ease. You can get more stars by increasing the attacks. It can also earn more trophies. You can speed up the process of upgrading different parts of the clan by spending some gold and elixirs.

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Maximum upgrade for resource buildings in clash of clans town hall 12: 

in clash of clans account for sale town hall 12  There are 7 elixir collector buildings and 7 gold mine buildings that you can upgrade to level 15. Also, you can bring a maximum of 4 elixir storage buildings and 4 gold storage buildings to level 13. 3 dark elixir drill buildings can be upgraded to level 9 and one dark elixir storage building can be upgraded to level 7.

In townhall 12, all the army buildings can also be upgraded to a certain level. Since special attention has been paid to defense capabilities in town hall 12, we will briefly review the upgrade of defense buildings.

Defensive buildings upgrade level in town hall 12:

There are 7 cannon buildings and 8 archer tower buildings in level 8 town hall that you can upgrade to level 17. Also, 4 Air defense and hidden tesla buildings can be raised to level 10. 4 mortar buildings can be upgraded to level 12 and 4 magic towers can be upgraded to level 11. 2 air sweeper buildings and two bomb towers can be maximized to level 7. 3 inferno towers can also go up to level 6. The eagle artillery building can be raised to level 3 and the town hall Giga tesla can be raised to level 5.

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Heroes status in town hall 12:

In town hall level 8 Clash of Clans there are three heroes: Barbarian King, Archer Queen, and Grand Warden. The queen and king in this town hall can be upgraded to a maximum of 65. You can also raise the third champion, the Grand Warden, to level 40.

Upgrading Town Hall 12:

It is best to think about upgrading Town Hall 12 from the beginning after entering Town Hall. There are reasons for this suggestion, including that the weapon itself is very weak, there is no gigabyte. And so we have to upgrade this building four more times to unlock its true potential as the signature defense at Town Hall Twelve Unlocking that massive Giga Tesla, and that massive gigabyte that just kind of adds a level of devastation to Town Hall 12.

You need good defense when you enter a tribal war. Your type of defense changes the way your opponent’s players attack. You also create a better place for clan heroes by upgrading your town hall stage.

Time required to maximize clash of clans town hall 12:

Like previous town halls Time to maximize clash of clans town hall 12 Depending on how much you play and the number of builders. In other words, it depends on what you have. This time can last a maximum of one year and seven months and a minimum of 6 months. The more builders you have, the shorter this time will be.

Resources needed to reach the maximum level in Town Hall 12:

For many players, the question is how much gold, elixirs, etc. will be needed in Town Hall 12 at the maximum level? You need 699 million gold to upgrade buildings in this town hall. You will need this amount to upgrade your defense resources. You will also need 572 million elixirs to equip laboratories, army buildings, and the Grand Warden. You also need about 6 million black elixirs for barbarian king and archer queen k. You can get many of these required gold and elixirs by attacking and looting other clans. In addition to these amounts, you must plunder large amounts of gold and elixirs to upgrade the walls to level 14.
Getting the maximum in the previous town hall:
To go to the town hall level 12 clash of clans, it is better to get the maximum possible in town hall 11 first. Of course, there is no obligation to do so. You may want to enter town hall 12 as soon as possible out of curiosity. In this case, at least get the warden maximum and then enter Tone Hall 12.

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