Town Hall 16

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A summary of  Town Hall 16

The Inferno Giga, an advanced defensive apparatus installed within the level 16 Town Hall, boasts formidable capabilities in safeguarding your base.

Similar to its predecessors found in earlier Town Hall levels, the Inferno Giga exhibits an exceptional ability to inflict substantial damage per second to multiple adversaries simultaneously. This powerful defense mechanism remains dormant until the Town Hall sustains damage or when 51% of the base is ravaged.

Upon the destruction of the Town Hall, a malevolent poison bomb is unleashed, mirroring the effects of the Poison Spell. This toxic explosion indiscriminately harms nearby units, impeding their movement and reducing both their attack speed and overall effectiveness.

Most attributes of the level 5 Giga Inferno from Town Hall 15 seamlessly transition to the Town Hall 16 variant. The only notable alteration lies in the Town Hall’s hitpoints. Unlike its predecessors, the Giga Inferno at Town Hall 16 possesses a solitary level, streamlining its upgrade process.

Prior to the Giga Inferno’s activation during battles, the Town Hall does not function as a defensive structure. Consequently, defense-targeting troops such as Giants refrain from targeting it while other defensive buildings remain intact. Once the Giga Inferno becomes operational, these troops shift their focus and join forces with existing defenses to engage the Town Hall directly.

Tips & Strategy

The Giga Inferno possesses an immense threat, surpassing even the destructive power of a multi-targeting Inferno Tower. To mitigate its devastating impact on your troops, employing a Freeze Spell can temporarily halt the Giga Inferno’s assault, offering a momentary respite.

However, triggering the Giga Inferno can sometimes work against the defending side, as defense-targeting troops like Giants, Balloons, and Golems redirect their attention towards the Town Hall. To counter this, positioning a single-target Inferno Tower nearby can effectively neutralize these offensive forces.

Strategically using an Earthquake Spell to activate the Giga Inferno can prove advantageous, particularly when defense-targeting troops such as Balloons can be guided to path towards and directly target the Town Hall. Timing is crucial, as executing this maneuver when these troops are in close proximity to the Town Hall minimizes the Giga Inferno’s window to inflict damage.

Similar to the multi-target Inferno Tower and Giga Tesla, the Giga Inferno’s maximum damage output is not realized when attacking a solitary target. Consequently, Queen Charges targeting the Town Hall (without the protection of other defenses) can often dismantle it, provided the Healers remain out of harm’s way. However, at higher levels, the Giga Inferno’s damage output can surpass the healing capacity of the Healers, necessitating the use of a Rage Spell to bolster their restorative abilities.

When facing the Giga Inferno, prepare for its explosive demise if destroyed, as it can decimate smaller troops, including Bowlers and Balloons, while significantly weakening larger troops and heroes. The Grand Warden’s Eternal Tome ability proves invaluable in shielding troops from the blast but does not prevent the lingering effects of the Poison, which impede the movement of your forces.

Even with the protection of the Tome, the ensuing poison will continue to inflict substantial damage. Therefore, it is advisable to prioritize the early destruction of the Town Hall utilizing a hero or a siege machine, effectively minimizing engagement with the majority of your army.

It is important to note that a Freeze Spell does not mitigate the Giga Inferno’s death explosion or poison effect.

While the explosion radius of the Giga Inferno is significant, it is smaller than the tower’s range. Consequently, long-ranged units like the Archer Queen can avoid the blast by refraining from advancing towards the Town Hall before its detonation.

In scenarios where the Town Hall is isolated with ample empty space surrounding it, often observed in anti-2-star bases, it can prove beneficial to allow a lone Wall Wrecker or Battle Blimp, loaded with potent Clan Castle troops such as P.E.K.K.As, Valkyries, or Balloons, to target the Town Hall. Meanwhile, the remainder of your army can focus on clearing the buildings positioned along the perimeter. By successfully toppling the Town Hall with the aid of a Siege Machine, the resulting explosion will primarily impact the Clan Castle troops involved, enabling the Grand Warden’s ability to be utilized elsewhere, such as countering the Eagle Artillery’s threats.


Upon activation, a mesmerizing transformation takes place within the Giga Inferno. The heart of the Town Hall, a colossal stone-like orb, ascends from its resting place and hovers gracefully above the structure. Bathed in a radiant, luminous yellow glow, the orb becomes a captivating spectacle to behold.

In a display reminiscent of the natural elements that define this particular Town Hall level, fiery tendrils intermittently emanate from the orb, akin to solar flares dancing in the celestial realm. This awe-inspiring phenomenon mirrors the grandeur of the sun itself, evoking a sense of both power and majesty.




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