Town Hall 10

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clash of clans town hall 10

One of the most noticeable changes in clash of clans town hall 10 is the change of color of the town hall. At this level, Town Hall can be seen in winy and gray colors. Fiery lava flows beneath the towers and is ready to erupt. At this level, the number of buildings increases again and you own 113 buildings. Two Hell Towers are also added to the clan. Each group of buildings, including resource and army buildings, must be upgraded to certain levels.

In town hall level 10 clash of clans, you have 7 elixir collector buildings and 7 gold mine buildings in the resource buildings group, which you must bring to level 13. The gold and elixir storages in townhall10 are not much different from the previous town hall clash of clans account for sale and you do not need to worry about upgrading them. Keep them at the same level 11. The black elixir storage is in a similar situation and it is enough to keep it at the same level 6. Another thing to do in this town hall is to take your three dark elixir drills to level 7 for coc account shop.

In the case of army buildings at level 10 town hall, you can upgrade 4 barracks to level 12 and 4 army camps to level 8. Also, spell factory and dark spell factory buildings can be upgraded up to level 5, clan castle and dark barracks up to level 6, and laboratory buildings up to level 8.

The number of walls in the clash of clans town hall 10 reaches 275. Also, all defense buildings can be upgraded.

Time required to maximize game elements in town hall 10:

For many players, the question is how long they can get the maximum elements in town hall 10 after playing. The answer to this question depends on the time and energy the player spends playing. The more active you are, the sooner you will pass this stage. But on average, this stage takes about 8 months to complete.
Of course, you can finish this stage sooner by spending some money or using gold and gems resources.

Clash of clans town hall maps 10:

Using maps with the right layout can be an important factor in your success. To get a good map you have to spend a lot of time. Another solution is to get these maps from reputable sites. In town hall 10 there are different types of farming, war, and trophy maps. You can buy the right item according to your overall goals for the game.
If you want to get more cups in town hall 10 and saving resources is not a priority for you, you should choose from trophy group maps. Use war maps to take part in a battle and prevent damage. If your goal in the game is to maintain and upgrade resources, use farming group maps.

Status of queen archer and king in clash of clans town hall 10:

In town hall 10 you have two heroes: queen archer and the barbarian king. At this point, the barbarian king has a stronger iron fist. You can raise the level of these two heroes to 40 in this town hall.

Upgrade Priorities in Town Hall 10:

There are many upgrades in Town Hall 10. You may have wondered where to start. We have considered the following three priority groups to upgrade the game elements in town hall 10:

  •  First Priorities: First of all, we suggest that you upgrade the following:

Usually, to get more victories You need to have new and strong forces. So it is better to develop the lab in the first step. To use the spell slot, it is better to set up the spell factory first. Install new archers, traps, and balls. The next thing you need to do quickly is to build new walls. Walls can protect your village and your troops and prevent enemy infiltration. Do not forget the clan castle element that can help you a lot in the development of the game. Upgrade your archer queen now. Other things to look out for are army camps.

  •  Second priorities: After fulfilling the priorities of the first group, which usually takes a relatively long time, it is better to do the following:

To deal with dragon spam, it is better to create new infernos. Improve your defenses by creating a new bomb tower and xbow. Try to bring dark barracks to level 7. As you continue to upgrade the Archer Queen, try to upgrade barracks to 12 to free the miners. If you want to farm you will need 4 barracks with level 12. One of the great options for warfare is the bat spell which is not very easy to work with. To use it, you need to raise the dark spell factory to level 5.

See Town Hall 9 or Town Hall 11 or Town Hall 12 or Town Hall 13 or Town Hall 14 click now.

  • Third priority:

Now that you probably have a lot of black elixirs, it is better to upgrade the barbarian king. Also, try to upgrade your barracks one after the other to the maximum level. Also, try to fill your gold mines and elixirs as much as possible.

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