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town hall 9 is one of the most important stages in the game Clash of Clans. At this stage, each of the buildings and forces can be upgraded to certain levels.  In the clash of clans town hall 9, Queen Archer comes to the fore. The second hero unit and his altar opens in the list of available buildings. Gold and elixir storage can now be set to four instead of three in town hall 8. In the case of defense, we face the following changes.

in the clash of clans town hall 9 Two Crossbow defense towers open at the same time, now the number of secret Tesla reaches four, which is one more than in the eighth level. The air search mine has increased by two units to four. Giant bombs and wizard towers have been quadrupled by one piece.

In town hall 9, you can see changes in color. the color changes to gray and dark blue, and you also get 10 extra buildings. Archer Queen is now available and it is possible to upgrade Dark Barracks to the maximum level, the sixth level, which unlocks all the forces in the game (Witches and Hellhounds).

Choosing the right base for town hall level 9 clash of clans:

Having reached a good base for defense after reaching town hall 9 is essential. level 9 town hall has integrated some new defenses such as X-Bow, increasing the number of defenses in the base and making a new wall level available. The walls in this town hall are much stronger than the previous town hall. The walls are more than twice as strong as Town Hall 8. The number of walls increases by 25 numbers and reaches 250 units. Now is a good time to rebuild your base and build the best base setup.

sample map war for town hall 9-min

At this level, you can choose different bases for defense, agriculture, tribal war, or a combination of these. Your goal in the game can play an important role in choosing the type of base. If your goal is to collect a large number of trophies, you must choose a good base for defense (defense mode) to protect your town hall at any moment.

It will be difficult for any new player to get three stars in Town Hall 9. But, with the right combination of strategies like Wizard & Golem or Archer Queen & Healers, you can get three stars in this town. You can destroy your opponent by choosing a good offensive lineup from reputable Town Hall sites.

See town Hall 11 or town Hall 12 or town Hall 13 or town Hall 14 click now.

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After reaching the clash of clans in cocaccountshop town hall 9, you should be able to protect your clan well against three-star attacks. So anti-three-star bases are one of the good bases to choose from that have the town hall outside.

Maximum Levels for Town Hall Buildings 9:

In town hall 9, you can find buildings, defenses, traps, spells, heroes, and more items that you can upgrade. A variety of buildings are available at this stage. In townhall9 you can upgrade clan castle, elixir collector, and other buildings to a certain level. In short, you can upgrade the clan castle to level 5. Elixir collectors and gold mines have a maximum level of 12. Elixir, gold, and barracks resources can be upgraded to level 11. laboratory and army camp can be upgraded to level 7 and dark barracks, dark elixir drill and dark elixir storage can be upgraded to level 6. Also, spell factory and dark spell factory buildings can be raised to level 4.

Time to reach the maximum level in Town Hall 9:

You can reach the maximum level in Clash of Clans account town hall 9 after about 5 or 6 months of regular play. During this time, you should spend at least 5 hours a day playing. After this step, you will be able to enter town hall 10.

twon 9 account

Max Archer Queen Update in Town Hall 9:

You can raise this Hunting Queen, who targets all enemies on the territory, up to level 30 in Town Hall 9. You first unlock him in level 9 with 20,000 dark elixirs. king If it is maximized in town hall 8, it will enter town hall 9 with level 10 and can go up to level 30.

Maximize town hall 9 To go to town hall 10:

It is better to maximize all buildings, troops, walls, and heroes before upgrading to coc town hall 10. If you are in a hurry to go to the next stage, wait for everything except the heroes to be maximized. If you go to town hall 10 while you have not maximized many forces and game options, this error will cause you to not be able to get good rankings. We suggest you maximize all items in town hall 9 and then go to the next town hall. In this state, you can gain more success in your game.

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