Town Hall 11

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Town hall 11 Account – TH11 Max Account

You know that clash of clans town hall 11 was the highest level in this game for a long time. When you reach level 11 town hall, you will see that the Town Hall building has been completely renovated.

Wooden gates attached to large chains along the stone walls of the Town Hall provide a special strength. At this level, you will find 4 additional canon buildings, a wizard tower, an archer tower, a crossbow, 2 new guard altar buildings, and an eagle cannon.

Town hall 11 building

You can upgrade various sources of elixir and gold to level 12. The exciting thing about this town hall is the access to level 9 of the Wizard Tower. In the following, you will get acquainted with more details of possible upgrades in this buy coc account.

Fighting opponents with a higher town hall:

You know that the owners of a town hall higher than town hall 11 have more advanced forces and equipment. If one of these better-equipped clans attacks you, you should try to prevent a lot of damage to your clan by choosing a suitable defense map. In addition to the clan level, the opponent’s strategies in the war can also play a decisive role. So do not be afraid of your opponent. Having a higher town hall is not enough to win in the war.

A suggested hybrid base design for town hall 11:

Since this design is hybrid, you can protect trophies and Luke at the same time. According to this design, it is better to keep most of the defense buildings one or two tiles apart so that the opponent can not score points with troops such as Electrodragon and Super Wizard.
Then place your town hall 11 in the center to make it difficult to access. Place the main defenses around so you can protect the town hall in different directions.
Since most players use the Electrodragon Spam strategy to attack, it is best to set both Inferno towers to one target. In this case, even if the opponent destroys several air defenses, it will still prevent him from accessing the town hall.
Also, you should set all expos on the ground target, which will be helpful to hold Queen Walk in any attack strategy because Ground Target Expo has a longer defense coverage and it will not be distracted by air troops. you must distribute all air defenses and the inner compartment so that these air defenses can provide air coverage all over the base. Also, it’s better to place all these air defenses far from the air sweeper so that the opponent cannot damage both air defense and air sweeper at once using the Lightning spell.

See town Hall 9 or town Hall 10 or town Hall 12 or town Hall 13 or town Hall 14 click now.
We suggest placing the tesla farm near the town hall 11 and dark elixir storage to protect these two valuable elements. You can distribute all the magic towers and bomb towers along with the giant towers so that they can provide a splash. This method is a way to protect the base from Minors, Hog Riders, and Bowlers.
You can place all the air traps in front of the main defenses so it can eliminate some of the opponent’s air troops before they deal with the main defenses and it makes it easy to eliminate other remaining troops too.
It is better to place storage buildings away from each other so that the enemy can not destroy them all in one attack.

A sample farming map for town hall 11

The Maximum level of buildings in clash of clans town hall 11:

In the clash of clans town hall 11, which is one of the most important levels of the game, you will encounter new buildings, troops, and other elements. At this level, you can upgrade many elements. You can upgrade the elixir collector and gold mine to level 14. Barracks can be upgraded to level 13 and gold storage and elixir storage up to level 12. Also, you can upgrade the laboratory and army camp building to level 9, dark elixir collector and dark barracks up to level 8, clan castle up to level 7, dark elixir storage up to level 6, and dark spell factory up to level 5.

In the clash of clans town hall 11 other elements such as Defenses, traps, Elixir troops, dark elixir troops, elixir spells, dark elixir spells, and heroes can be upgraded to certain levels.

Time required to reach maximum Town Hall 11:

The time you need to complete the town hall level 11 clash of clans can be less than 8 months or more than one year. It all depends on your effort and interest in this game. If you spend a lot of time playing and have at least 4 builders, you may be able to finish it in less than 8 months. If you spend a few hours on the game and have a few builders, this time may be more than a year.

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